Remembering September 11, 2001

The towers have been gone for seven years now, and with them over 3,000 who lost their lives there, at the Pentagon and in the Pennsylvania plane crash. They are sorely missed. Many others suffered injuries that day and survived. What to do with that sacred ground in New York has been the topic of much discussion and review since the attacks. Officials are trying to balance the need to respect those that lost their lives with the economic opportunity that this location affords.

There is some movement on the site now, as steal for the new structures has been delivered. But the process is proceeding slowly. You can check on on the progress at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation site here.

The rebuilding is being captured on film minute by minute, as it happens. It’s the most extensive implementation of time lapse photography ever undertaken. Have a look at the work in progress at the Project Rebirth site here.

This is a day to reflect, remember and reaffirm.