The Storied Transfer of Power

President Elect Barack Obama visited the oval office today and met with President Bush. This tradition has been practiced for decades. Their views couldn’t be more diametrically opposed, but I actually believe that Mr. Bush will do his best to pass the torch.

Bush to Obama the 44th - 2008

Laura to Michelle
Laura to Michelle - 2008

The sitting first family gives the incoming first family a tour of the White House. I can only imagine the emotions on both sides. The Bush’s have lived there 8 years and will never be back. They are dealing with what all of us experience when we leave a home we’ve spent a lot time in. The Obama’s must be so excited to be thinking about moving in and anticipating what it will be like to live in the most powerful and famous house in the world.

Here are some other transfer photos.

Clinton to Bush the 43rd - 2000

Carter to Reagan
Carter to Reagan the 40th - 1980

There’s a lot to do, but we’re ready.

Photo Credit: The New York Times