Objects in Mirror are Cleaner Than They Appear

I don’t have a lot pet peeves, but this is one of them. The big car rental companies try to provide a good customer experience. They gas up the car and run it through their car wash so it’s ready for the next customer. But one small thing seems to get over looked, the outside rear view mirrors. They are always covered in water spots because no one wipes them down. So you settle into your rental car and do all the right things. Adjust the seat. Locate the lights and wiper controls, and of course see if the mirrors are in the right place. Seeing those spots actually ruins the entire clean car feel. I rented a car from Avis at the San Jose, California airport this week and this is what the side mirrors looked like (and no it wasn’t raining).  


By doing a very simple thing like wiping down the side mirrors, car rental companies can dramatically improve the customer experience, and have the added bonus of removing one of my pet peeves from the world. 

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