A WiFi Alarm Clock, But Will it Help You Remember Your Dreams?

Chumby is an alarm clock, music player and news reader. For less that $200 you can put one on your nightstand, connect it to your WiFi network and launch dozens of wizards to display on the 3.5″ screen. It runs on Linux and since it’s open source, I’m sure dozens of new wizards will come rolling in. Program it to retrieve photos from Flickr, show stock quotes or news while you emerge from your dream state. You can visit Chumby here. If you are near sighted, like me, you can’t see anything when you open your eyes anyway. So stick to the digital readout large numbers.


Some things you may not know about dreams. Everyone dreams every night, unless you are textbook schizophrenic. Nearly everyone dreams in color, that is if you are normal. Do you remember your dreams? If the answer is no and you want to, then when you awake, don’t move. Remain still and track back your nocturnal adventures in your mind. They will stick with you longer.

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