Bill Clinton for President!?

Of course it can’t happen. I know not everything about it was good. And on today’s world stage he may not even be the right choice. But I do miss having a President that is engaged, can speak without being tongue-tied, is intelligent and focused on meaningful goals of average citizens.


On the anniversary of the fifth year of the war, I can’t take much more of the Bush administration’s lack of transparency, single-mindedness on the wrong priorities and squander of the country’s resources.

The past eight years have been nothing short of surreal. I’m looking forward to having the next four real. Don’t miss your chance to vote this November. I know it seems like a ways off, but mark your calendars today! Take advantage of early voting so you don’t miss the chance. Anything can happen on election day. You could get sick, your kids could be sick, your car might break down. Take back ownership!


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