Bloggers are Dropping Dead. Yikes!

An article in this week’s Sunday New York Times reported on health risks for people who blog incessantly. Two accomplished bloggers recently died. One of a heart attack and the other from a massive coronary. Others say they are stressed out, and as a result gain weight or have sleep problems. This appears to be developing into a serious problem.

Vaguely reminds me of the early Internet years (1997 to 1999) when people started spending a lot of time on the screen. This was completely unexpected, and before high speed access, but the time had to come from somewhere. Surveys reported that people spent less time with traditional media, their families, and in some cases reducing or skipping their normal hygiene routine. OK on the first one, not acceptable on the other two. Get a grip!

Fortunately, most of us didn’t allow surfing the web to destroy our health or families. But it is disturbing to realize that some guys are up 24/7 trying to build a media empire from their home. Can they actually accomplish that? Unlikely.

It’s not worth it guys. If you find yourself blogging a bit too much, follow my MIND mantra. Moderation Is Not Dangerous. I apply it whenever I find myself at the tipping point of being obsessed with something. Food, wine, work, or blogging.

Cartoon Credit: E-mail Marketing Reports


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