Jon Stewart – Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills

I’m a huge fan of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. But for all the smarts and wit there is a section of the show I don’t enjoy, and that’s the interview. It nearly always loses me. I realize it’s not a talk show, and the guests are appearing to plug their books or movies. But he could make it much more interesting. Let the guests talk! Don’t interrupt them with “settle down.” Tease out something that will be of keen interest to your audience.

Here’s a classic example. Jon recently had the writer/director Judd Apatow on the program. Apparently they are long time friends. As a result, the banter was all inside talk. Fun for them, not so fun for the viewer. I learned nothing new about Judd or his films. Am undecided about seeing his latest picture, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and this segment gave me no reason to go.

Work on it Jon, and make your groundbreaking show even better.

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