Great, Another Exercise Routine

First there was all that home gym equipment we purchased with good intentions, but quickly became an expensive clothes rack. Next came paying a monthly health club membership fee but almost never using it. Now we find out we have to consciously exercise our mind to help stave off brain decay. Does this mean there will be Bally’s Brain Fitness Clubs popping up across the country?

A recent article in The New York Times here discusses how people are beginning brain workouts on a regular basis. This is of particular interest to boomers who are now entering their 50’s and 60’s. No one can say for sure that brain fitness will prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but common sense tells us, “Use or lose it.” Hate to say it’s a big duh, but…

The good news is this is the least expensive fitness routine you will ever sign up for. The article lists a number of web sites that offer cognitive brain training exercises. Two that seem to be the most popular are and But I say you can bypass all that and do any number of things. Like read more, take a class, challenge your mind by spending more time creating or building something. And perhaps the best thing of all, turn off the TV. Wonder if blogging counts as brain training. If so I’m in pretty good shape.

Now where did I put those car keys?

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