Golf, Tiger and Father’s Day

The U.S. Open golf tournament and Father’s Day seem to always intersect. Growing up, I used to watch the last day of the tournament with my father on his day. Now it’s my day, and I was gearing up for tomorrow’s BBQ with friends and my family when I decided to flip on the plasma to catch a bit of the third round.

I’m speechless. Having followed Tiger Woods since his teenage years, it’s so easy to fall into complacency over his abilities. I expect him to win, and he so often does. But today blew me away. He is coming back from a 3rd knee surgery and it really didn’t seem to bother him that much early on. But near the end of today’s round he was clearly in a lot of pain. Grimacing, favoring his left leg, and adjusting his swing.

Photo Credit: John Mummett/USGA

His eagle, birdie, eagle display on the closing holes was simply super human. Really can’t believe it. Will he be able to hold on tomorrow? If it was anyone else, I’d say no. But it’s Tiger, so I fully expect him to win his 14th major.

My father is gone, as is Tiger’s. I had a close connection with my father; so many memories. And from what I’ve read, Tiger’s role model and great friend was his father. To all the dad’s. Enjoy the day.

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