Flock Seamlessly Merges Browser and Social Media

Social community sites are popping up all over the web. If you’re active on several of them, like me, you are constantly navigating back and forth to see what’s going on, comment, blog, etc. It’s constant clicking and page loading. Having all this inside a browser would be a cool idea wouldn’t it. Well it’s here. At least the first generation. A new browser from Flock has been designed to be the first social web browser.

It’s ready for Mac, Windows and Linux. Simply download for free and in a few fast clicks all your bookmarks, etc. are seamlessly ported over to the Flock browser. I have been using it exclusively on my Mac G5 running Leopard and it’s wicked fast. A close cousin to Firefox in look and feel, using the basic tabs structure. But it also has connective design tissue to the Mac Safari browser with its iconic design.

Flock has taken the browser up several notches with many interesting features. Here are a few of my favorites.

My World – A place where all your social activity is collected onto one web page and is a click away.

People Sidebar – Once you log into your social sites with the Flock browser it is possible to open a sidebar that displays a micro social site (facebook, You Tube, twitter, flickr, etc.) or all your sites at once. From here you can upload photos, update your status see messages, notifications and more depending on the site.

Media Stream – With a simple click you can view your photos or videos in a stream that appears directly below the toolbar. You can also see your friends photos and videos. Click the photo or video and be immediately taken to the web page. This is way cool.

There are many more tricks that make browsing much easier and more fun than that stuffy IE you may still be using. If you are not socially inclined then you probably don’t need to learn another browser, but if you are part of the online community, give Flock a try and let me know what you think.

One thought on “Flock Seamlessly Merges Browser and Social Media”

  1. Hi Steve. Flock is certainly a decent offering but I’d invite you to test out the new release of Yoono… all the same social functionality without changing to a new browser. Yoono works in Firefox or IE so it’s easier than switching browsers.

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