The 2008 Beijing Olympics

Lots of controversy over China hosting the games. Political, environmental and human rights are at the forefront of the discussion. As a Westerner it requires more effort to understand the Chinese culture vs. European for example. But the games are the games and the athletes have trained just as hard for this opportunity as any other. I’m actually more concerned for their safety and ability to perform at the highest levels, considering the pollution in the atmosphere vs. the political censorship.

By definition the games must move around the globe. We find ourselves here in China this time. We need to use this opportunity to call out the injustices that exist in this country, but do it on page two, allowing the athletes to take center stage, compete, and experience this rare moment in time for the entire world. The press can’t be controlled. The real stories will get out.

Is a communist state that is growing at a pace exceeding the free world a bad thing? A Threat? A potential ally? The scale is certainly impressive, but the methods used are questionable.

The Bird Cage surrounded in smog
The Bird Cage surrounded in smog

The Olympic games have a special place in my life. I remember watching them with my father as a young boy, and returning the favor with my oldest son. Now I have a chance to relive that experience again with my 4 year old. To talk about this storied ritual and how the games are the protagonist in the drama on the world stage. Wouldn’t miss it. Will you be watching?

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