Exercise Your Right to Vote

I voted today. There are a lot of cities that now offer early voting, and it’s definitely the way to go. No lines, no last minute issues that could prevent you from getting to the poles on November 4th. I’m still perplexed at how many citizens don’t bother to vote in elections. Voting for an American Idol or who we may think will make the playoffs seems to elicit more emotion than selecting leaders with vision and strength. It’s such an honor to be part of the process, and as we have seen, who you vote for really does matter over time.

Today’s voting experience was great. I went with my 4 year old as his school was closed (Columbus Day) and so I took the day off work to spend it with him. I never miss a chance to cast a vote and I plan on passing this sense of importance to my son. I gave them my driver’s license, signed my name, and in minutes they handed me a ballot, gave me clear instructions and off I went. Less than 5 minutes later my vote in this crucial moment election was cast. No voting machines where I live, we still use paper. Simply fill in the oval next to the candidate’s name.

Above is an iphone photo of my ballot. If your city offers early voting I highly recommend you take advantage of it, as anything can happen on November 4th. Your car could breakdown, kids get sick, etc… Casting your vote has never been more important. Read about my Super Tuesday primary voting experience here.

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