President Obama in the White House

It’s been a few days now since the inauguration and over two months since the world has known that Barack Obama would be working from possibly the most famous address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Each day since Wednesday I have come home and asked myself out loud, “What has he done today?” This will be a question millions will ask daily, then perhaps weekly. But my prediction is we will get news of significant and probably groundbreaking ideas and executive orders on a regular basis.

Obama's first act - Photo from the Associated Press

Although most of us are willing to give him some time, I believe he will not squander that precious gift. Kill time and you murder success, is one of my favorite sayings. President Obama knows that time waits for no man.

The modern White House
The modern White House

The White House is a storied structure of nearly mythic proportions. It”s overflowing with history and heavy burdens and retains something from all those who have occupied it as president in the past. The film director Oliver Stone gave us an ominous visual of the White House in his powerful but bleak pan across the iron fence in the film Nixon. It was a reminder that power can corrupt should one let his guard down.

The White House in 1846
The White House in 1846

I feel very comfortable with Mr. Obama installed in this residence. I know history is not lost on him, and firmly believe he will do his level best, and do it everyday in the bright light of transparency. It will be a refreshing next four years.

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