Economy Impacts Internet Trends and the Result is Mobile

Every year, Mary Meeker, one of Morgan Stanley’s most seasoned analysts posits her Internet predictions. I wait on the edge of my chair for  this moment. This year she calls it Economy + Internet Trends, which once again reminds us how much the economy, or lack of it, has influenced everything, including the Internet. Her presentation was given at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Unfortunately I didn’t see the presentation, but I snagged a copy to read. Lots of the usual slides on key indicators and charts on progress, or lack of it this past year. The big theme for 2010 is mobile, mobile, mobile. It’s big, and not only big, but bigger than we think it is.

Picture 5

According to Ms. Meeker, mobile Internet will be the next generation computing cycle. largely driven by a 10x growth in hand held devices that connect through the cloud. Real time wireless remotes control everything these days and location based services are the secret sauce. But the carriers could be their own worst enemy. AT&T is already struggling to deliver the messages and e-mails within the expected SLA. Mobile services add real time to relevance but not if it stops being real time. Carriers take note!  You can download her presentation here .

Picture 6

I have seen an amazing uptick of visits to web sites over the course of 2009 and believe that trajectory will continue. Leveraging this in-pocket or in-purse device will be an important part of anyone’s marketing and servicing strategy for 2010 and beyond. Ignore at your own risk.

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