SxSW 2010 Kicks-off

Austin International Airport

Just arrived at South by Southwest 2010 in Austin. An amazing collection of people from all over the world. Right now I was sitting at a table with a special effects producer that did the visual design for the feature film Book of Eli. He lives in Los Angeles. Across from him is a gentleman who runs a family fund worth $6Bn that looks for companies that are underfunded and underdeveloped and tries to bundle them together to make a bigger opportunity for them. He is from Melbourne, Australia. We had a great discussion ranging from mobile and philanthropy to how film studios gain rebates from state governments by filming on their turf.

From there I caught a quick spontaneous meeting with Dennis Crowley, Co-founder and CEO of Foursquare. He was with Naveen Selvadurai, Co-founder, and developer of the iPhone app for Foursquare. Discussed opportunities for offers from merchants and where mobile and app advertising might be going.  All company business cards have a badge printed on the back. If you collect the cards from 6 Foursquare employees, arrange them to match the badge page on the application, take a photo and get it to Foursquare, you’re rewarded with a special, secret badge. I got 2 so far.

Oh yes. Also got some inside information on how they determine who gets to be mayor.

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