Memo to the Afterlife: Steve Jobs is Yours Now. Get Ready for 2.0.

I did not meet Steve Jobs, but I feel as if I knew the man. I did not work with him, but I am embedded in each one of his products. Everything he created was built for humans, for himself, and for all of us. Steve was driven to excellence in every way, and I believe his example has made many of us better. He has planted seeds all over the world and the forest has yet to sprout. It’s going to be amazing.

I have written several times on this blog about Mr. Jobs and Apple. But today it is not about devices or operating systems. Today, this is my reflection.

And when shall we come round to ourselves?

When shall we be ourselves again?

Ourselves in the round climate,

in the murky dark.

Ourselves soaring on the

marvelous syllable of the wind.

Ourselves in the boundless stream of time.

Ourselves as if we were stone.

We say, Oh anything but ourselves

in this vanishing skin.

But our true self. Unwinding, always moving.

Not beyond us, but right here.

Fast and forever.

You will be missed Steve.

2 thoughts on “Memo to the Afterlife: Steve Jobs is Yours Now. Get Ready for 2.0.”

  1. A forest that has yet to sprout — well put. Also, “I am embedded in each one of his products” is an interesting comment. I believe the outpouring of emotional reactions about Steve Jobs is partly explained by the way Apple products and our lives are intertwined in delightful ways. Microsoft products are also part of our lives, too. But Microsoft is like electricity — a utility for which we have no emotional connection (except negative, sometimes). Apple is like sweet music we listen to every day by choice.

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