Bring on the Electric Car, Now

If you are not familiar with TED you should remedy that immediately. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. It began in 1984 as an annual conference to bring the brightest minds from these three arenas together. It has mushroomed from there. The site is filled with videos of talks and a community. Check it out.

I was browsing the talks and saw this one by Shai Agassi. Mr. Agassi led the software powerhouse SAP but resigned in 2007 to commit himself to helping the world break it’s fossil fuel habit. He speaks about how it’s definitely possible to bring an electric car to the world. Fascinating viewing.

Flock Social Browser offers an Eco-Edition

In an earlier post I waxed lyrical about the Flock social browser. I have now officially abandoned Firefox and Safari for Flock. As a Mac user I don’t have an IE option (yet another benefit of using a Mac).

Flock also has an Eco-Edition browser for both Mac and Windows. Of course it’s adorned in a cool green look while providing news feeds, content and media from the best green sources available on the web. Maintaining your cutting edge eco-friendly attitude has never been easier.

Best of all, Flock will donate 10% of its search proceeds to a green charity of choice as voted by the Eco-Edition users at the end of the year. I discover more and more cool things about Flock everyday.