Distinguish Yourself

The Millennials Guide to Creating Influential Presentations

Do you wish you could be more effective and persuasive when you present your thoughts? If so, this is the book for you!  Download here.                                                                         

Distinguish Yourself Book Cover FINALI have crafted hundreds of presentations and presented for my team, business partners and senior leaders at my company. I have also spoken at dozens of events.

Post presentation or event I always insist on getting feedback from who was in the room, or the session scores from my talks. My results are almost always at the very top end. Frequently I receive the highest ratings of all the speakers for quality of information, entertainment and usefulness.

I work hard to give audience members something they can take action on when they get back to their day job.

This book is packed with pro tips and designed to help Millennials, or anyone, confidently answer the call to present their ideas. Anyone can improve their presentation skills by simply improving on certain key basics. Follow these tips and you will stand out from the typical presentation drone. It’s only $.99 (yes folks, that’s 99 cents) in the Apple iBooks store. Download here.

As example. Page 24, chapter 4 – Give it Meaning. There are a number of tips on how to create powerful slides that will enhance your story.

DY Sample Page.jpg

Table of Contents

  • For the Millennial Professional
    • You’re whip smart. Make sure you are “presentation smart” as well
  • Accept the Challenge
    • Being an exceptional presenter will help you advance your career
  • Create Powerful Content
    • Learn how to transform your presentation into a story
  • Give it Meaning
    • Breathe life into your presentation and make it irresistible
  • Size the Venue
    • Tricks to being charismatic no matter the size of the room or audience
  • Command the Stage
    • Learn the importance of movement, voice projection and gesture
  • Measure Success
    • Discover the best metrics to track your success
  • Inside your Firm
    • Start with your team and move up to the big stage

Download here.


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