LUCID Air Experience

Day One: From Tesla to Lucid Air – March 6, 2023

On June 14, 2013 I picked-up my Tesla Model S from the Grand Avenue service center in Chicago. It was as they say, a red letter day. The Chicago summer sun was crowding out a gray spring and I was taking delivery of my first EV. To top it all off, it was a Tesla! I named it Jarvis.

There really was no race between car companies to see who could get out the first and best EV. I don’t believe the big carmakers really tried all that hard, so it was left to a new company to get it done. General Motors did have a decent start in the 1990’s with their EV1, but didn’t allow anyone to own one, only lease. Then they called them all back and crushed most of them. Too many other priorities such as the Hummer.

After nearly ten years in my Model S, I was ready for a new car and it was for sure going to be another EV. The 2023 Model S version definitely has lots of new technology and a more interesting interior, but it was not that much different from mine. I didn’t want an SUV and the Model 3 was a bit too small for me. Tesla seemed to focus on 0 to 60 and autopilot, neither of which are hot buttons for me. EV’s have speed and torque built-in and I actually like to drive my car.

When I learned of Lucid Motors over two and a half years ago it immediately caught my attention. A legacy of strong battery design, build and race thanks to their Formula E partnership. I put down my thousand dollars (fully refundable) in October 2020 and waited.

On March 6, 2023 the day arrived. My “vehicle” was ready.

My “vintage’ Model S has taken a back seat to my Lucid Air Touring. But don’t worry about Jarvis; he remains in good hands. I gifted it to my beautiful bride who will continue to cradle him for as long as is necessary.

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