iPhone: After the Honeymoon

Yes I was one of the first ones to get an iPhone. On June 29th at 7:30pm I went to Northbrook Court located on the North Shore of Chicago, and much to my surprise found a very short line. Before 8:00 I walked out of the Apple store with an iPhone. Oh so excited, I raced home and activated it.It’s now 4 months later. Enough time has passed to step back and see if it was worth it. By the way, I was a little ticked that Jobs reduced the price, but I wasn’t the guy who made the T-shirts saying, “I paid Steve Jobs $200 to beta test the iPhone.Well I have to say that I have been pretty happy with the iPhone. It’s true that the network is slow, so I am always trying to ride along on wireless networks during the day. And when you find one, it is extremely fast. But for me the real value is being able to synch with my Mac desktop at home. Calendar, contacts, e-mail, photos and music all exchange seamlessly. The Safari web browser is full function and the pinch, close-up feature allows you to actually read a web page.Apple has released three updates to the software to fix some bugs and add more features. I know there has been lots of grumbling from those who hacked the phone, only to have things broken by Apple when they allowed the latest update to load. But there are many official applications now available from the Apple site, so most users will be able to satisify their customizing urge.Here’s my report card after using it very heavily for 4 months.Phone: A, E-mail: A, Photos: A+, Music: A, Camera: C, Calendar: B, Safari: A, Maps: A, Interface: A+, Edge Network Speed: C-Here’s a photo I snapped with my iPhone while cruising on Lake Michigan a couple of weeks ago.


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