The Collapse of Time

A friend told me about a web site called It’s an incredible place where you can explore the roots of rock music as envisioned by the crusading promoter Bill Graham. He loved music and music loved him. Over the decades he recorded and preserved hundreds of classic rock live performances. The site has done an amazing job of organizing the music as well as the memorabilia to browse, listen and buy.

My oldest son is extremely keen on music. He especially enjoys the classic rock groups from the sixties and seventies. Sometimes we sit around and talk about music and I tell him about the concerts I attended in my youth. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Genesis are forever lodged in my psyche. Finding this site was truly amazing. We can both listen to Zep live from Filmore West recorded in 1969, or the Floyd from the same venue in 1970.

Suddenly the past converges on today with the click of my mouse. I am able to be a little closer to my son and he to me, by listening to a vibe recorded nearly 40 years ago. Fewer things are lost, more is understood, the future is changed.

 Bill Graham


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