Double Fracture of the Left Ankle

I don’t frequently write posts of a personal nature, but this event seems to warrant one.

The Friday after Thanksgiving I was walking from house to garage and somehow I overshot the second step. All my weight came down on my ankle which was now turned 90 degrees from top dead center. The result was two bone fractures (fibula and talus for those ER fans) and some seriously stretched ligaments.

My wife immediately took me to Highland Park Hospital, where I got amazing care in short order. What a great experience. They had me in the examination room in less than 10 minutes from hobbling through the door. They brought an x-ray machine to me, and delivered the diagnosis in under 30 minutes. I was out of there in less than an hour! Fantastic customer experience, or should I say patient experience. The following Monday I saw an orthopedic specialist who put me in a fiberglass cast. The prognosis is that I will be healed in 4 weeks. I was very lucky. No surgery, no pins.

Don’t end up like me this holiday season. But if something does happen, I hope you receive the kind of care and attention I received from our health care system, and family. I married so very well.

Be careful, and watch that last step.


One thought on “Double Fracture of the Left Ankle”

  1. Good for you! It is important to get that in and wrapped right away. I got a dual fracture in my ankle playing rugby, and it took my doctors a week to finish the xray

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