iPod to PC Transfer Programs: Caveat Emptor

I recently had a some music files corrupted in iTunes. Uncorrupted copies were on my iPod, but iTunes doesn’t give you any option of copying music on your iPod back to iTunes. (Steve Jobs are you reading this? Why not?) So I did what any resourceful digital consumer would do, I went to Google. With a simple search of iPod to PC, I found a number of software programs claiming to solve this problem.After careful reading of the various web site details I selected Lenogo iPod to Computer, paid my $29.99 and downloaded it. Once installed it would not open, telling me it didn’t work on my architecture. I have Mac OS X Leopard, but their web site requirements indicated it was compatible with Mac OS X and higher. I sent several e-mails to their tech support address, but received no answer after over a week. Not a good customer experience. I have disputed the credit card charge and deleted it from my computer.Back to the web. I found a program called PD+Rescue for iPod, sold by TastyBytes Software, Inc., also for $29.99. So I sent them an e-mail and asked them if it was compatible with Leopard. Their response came quickly and indicated that it would work. Ok, a second download. This one installed and opened and began copying the selected music files back to my iTunes. I was so happy, but it turned out to be short lived. It began to hang up over and over. Very annoying. It also caused my iTunes to hang. Several tech support e-mails ensued, but we could not get it to work. Spent three evenings on this task, no wonder there are so many tech pessimists out there. I deleted it from my hard drive and asked for a refund, which they immediately processed. To be fair, they did work hard at trying to solve it and when they couldn’t, made it right for the customer. Unlike the first company, which completely ignored me.


I thought I would try it one more time. Kind of in a determined mood. This time I chose iPodCopy for Mac at only $19.99, sold by Wide Angle Software here. Downloaded the sample copy and purchased a registration code to own it. Installed, opened and started using it in one minute. It actually did what it promised (what they all promised). The user experience was intuitive and they emulated the iTunes interface as much as possible to help the user through the process. Their online help was actually helpful. Didn’t need to contact their tech support, which of course all of us prefer.So the bottom line. If you are looking for software off the net dig deep and look around at others’ experiences before you charge ahead. It will save you some time.

One thought on “iPod to PC Transfer Programs: Caveat Emptor”

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