Homage to Comet

This one’s personal. If you have pets you know how attached you can get to them. They become part of your family. You love them and they drive you crazy at the same time. Yesterday we lost a beloved member of our family, Comet the cat. He was pretty amazing. A beautiful, majestic, nearly perfect Maine Coon specimen. Warm personality that loved people. If I was on one side of the house and someone was on the other side, he would position himself in between so he could watch both at the same time.

We lost him yesterday at the age of 9 (62 in human years). Comet, you will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Homage to Comet”

  1. RIP Comet. The most beautiful and sweet cat ever. I’ll never forget that begging routine (which I think came from being bottle fed) and how he “barked” when he saw a bird out the window.

  2. RIP Comet…….my Dennis looks like him………except he’s a shorthaired cat……….

    He can’t wait until you join him on the Wild Hunt.

    I got to your blog via tag surfer.

    Athena of athenivanidx

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