A Remarkable Customer Experience

My brother-in-law, Michael Roberts sent me this video last week. You may have seen it, maybe you haven’t. Please watch it. It’s called The Simple Truths of Service, and comes from the work that Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz have done as management consultants. I have taken a number of Blanchard classes and read his books over the years. His Situational Leadership course was very helpful for myself and my team in understanding what phase we were in and how we could better support one another.

This short clip demonstrates that anyone on your team can transform the way your customers perceive your business. The business in this case is a supermarket. They all sell roughly the same things, so it comes down to price, convenience and of course customer experience. This is how you create a customer experience that cannot be copied. Enjoy and use it as inspiration to make one of your own.

Check out Michael Robert’s flickr photostream here. He is emerging as an accomplished photographer.

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