Fall Semester is in Session – What’s Your Twitter Grade?

If you Twitter and you’re serious about it you will want to know your grade. Mine is 25 out of a possible 100, so I’ve got some work to do. The Twitter king right now is Barack Obama. I rank way down on the list, but aspire to move up. My grade this morning was 24, so I’ve gained one point in one day.

Visit Twitter Grader here, enter your nickname and go. You will be graded on the number of followers, the power of those follower’s as a network, the pace of your upgrades, the completeness of your profile, and a few others… Whatever that means.

No I’m not obsessed with this, at least no more than my normal obsessions. It’s partly for fun and mostly for experimentation. We need people with the vision to put out alpha versions regardless of the worts and learn. Hat’s off to them.

Twitter Grade Results
Twitter Grade Results

What I’m always looking for is how this can become a source of value for my company. Social connectedness is more powerful than any advertising or marketing campaign, but it’s so early days. Efforts like Twitter and Twitter grade accelerates the learning curve.

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