My Oscar Picks – 2009

15049a-l_oscar_d_orson_welles_aux_encheresI used to be much better at picking the winners than I am these days. I would see every film, some more than once, then sit down and agonize over who would win. Frankly I was pretty good at it in the ’90’s. One year I only missed four or five, and I used to choose a winner in all the categories. I’ve got less time to go to the show these days and I’m not as emotionally attached to the outcome. But it’s still great sport to make a prediction then watch how it turns out.

This year’s crop of nominees leans to the more serious side of Hollywood. Perhaps a reflection of where we are as country; revisiting almost everything on massive scales. So without further fanfare, here are my picks for the major awards.

  • Picture – Slumdog Millionaire
  • Actor in a leading role – Frank Langella
  • Actress in a leading role – Kate Winslet
  • Actor in supporting role – Heath Ledger
  • Actress in a supporting role – Penélope Cruz
  • Direction – Danny Boyle
  • Cinematography – The Dark Knight
  • Art direction – The Dark Knight
  • Film editing – Frost/Nixon
  • Original score – Slumdog Millionaire
  • Original song – Down to Earth
  • Adapted screenplay – Doubt
  • Original screenplay – Milk
  • Animated feature – WALL-E
  • Documentary feature – Man on Wire

I’ve no money riding on it. No pressure at all. Simply looking forward to the ceremony as I do every year, to enjoy something wholly and uniquely American.

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