Flickr Photostream Mining

Just this week I’ve had two messages in my flicker mailbox from organizations who have seen photos in my photostream and requested permission to use them for their online publications.

My flickr mailbox
Click to enlarge image

One was, a participatory news network site that bills itself as a platform for citizen journalism. The other was from, a publisher of digital travel guides. NowPublic wrote a story about a teenager who suddenly found $2.2 million in their checking account, a bank mistake quickly reversed. Nowpublic requested my shot of a new ATM snapped late last year. Schmap saw a photo I took in the spring of 2008 while on a business trip to San Francisco. They are considering it as part of their San Francisco guide update.

schmapscreenshot1 Screen Shot - Click to enlarge

Both companies handled their introduction extremely well and provided ample information about their site and motivation. NowPublic invited me to join their site and team of photographers. It’s a very smart strategy and inexpensive way to acquire images for their businesses. It’s at the corner of “main and main” in the city of Social Media. I’m sure we will see more of this as the world continues to converge in the cloud.

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