The 9/11 Memorial

Earlier this year I visited the 9/11 Memorial with my wife and 7 year old son who is now 8. It was hard for me as I had lost a friend that day. David Aoyama was on the Flight 11 jet that crashed into the north tower. We were close enough for me to know that his preference was to die quickly. No idea how we got on that topic. In addition I had an inquisitive young boy in tow who is asking questions in rapid fire mode.

The site is amazing, a fitting tribute to that surreal day. Yes I wish the museum was completed by now. No I am not pleased with the squabbling over why it’s not done. But I remain calm and patient. Things will work out. The victims wait more patiently than I do.

Below are but a few of the hundreds of photos I shot that day.

How the names were arranged on the memorial turned out to be a challenging task. Here’s an insightful article published in The New Yorker that describes the process. Fascinating.

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