The City of the Century

Chicago has been called the City of the Century, Nature’s Metropolis and a number of other things that are maybe not so flatteringMany of you are sick and tired about me talking about Chicago, so instead of writing about it again, I’m embedding this incredible time-lapse video crafted by Eric Hines. He calls it Cityscape Chicago. He captures the unique architecture, juxtaposition to water and the bustle of a thriving urban culture.We have our warts for sure, but we camouflage them better than most of our peers.

This video celebrates the beauty of this city. Put aside your politics and enjoy. Be sure to watch it full screen.

One thought on “The City of the Century”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Steve. I love the juxtaposition of stillness — finding a quiet spot in the city to sit and watch from — and the frenetic activity all around. We are very lucky to have this city.

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