The Creative Brief and a Stop Sign

The creative Brief can be the scourge or the hero of any project. No one really wants to craft one, but everyone says how important it is. We all know that without a well written and concise creative brief, you won’t get what you are expecting. So why is there such resistance?

Our E-Business team has been working on revising our creative brief for the last few months. We started with the form used by our internal Creative Services team, but since they really don’t do interactive marketing, it was heavily analog skewed. So that forced us to supplement that document with a client input brief.

That led to groans by business partners who had to fill out yet another form. We have now combined them into one CB that we hope will help our colleagues articulate what they want, so we can deliver a product that sings. The other action we are taking is to attach the CB to all deliverables and have it travel throughout the life of the project. My experience is once the brief is done, it’s off to the races without ever looking back to what was written. At today’s training on how to use the new CB we stepped back to have a little fun by watching a video. It’s a hypothetical (I hope) situation of what might occur if you asked a big company to create a stop sign. Some things I’m sure you will recognize. Enjoy.

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